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Week 4

Week 4—as always edit, embellish and take care
4 Settling Breaths
Nervous System Dance
Plant your feet firmly on the ground, preferably outdoors or at least where you can get some fresh air. Start to shake, wiggle, bounce. As you take a deep breath in, draw your shoulders up toward your ears. Let your breath out with an audible sigh (say ahh or ha) and drop your shoulders (the settling breath). Make some noise when you breathe out so your vocal chords vibrate. Do this shaking and breathing for as long as you want. Keep shaking and shrugging shoulders and breathing out loudly. Follow with these yoga poses. But do the Nervous System Dance as often as you like—and teach it to your people.
Flowing Forward Bend
Flowing forward bends. On the exhalation slide your palms down the fronts of your legs to your feet or low shins and then up the back of your legs as you inhale. Press your hands as firmly as comfortable. Do several repetitions and then stay in the forward bend. Let your head drop and your neck, throat, mouth and tongue relax. Hold for 7 or more breaths if possible. Come up slowly. This helps the lymph fluid move which supports your immune system.
Cat/Cow on hands and knees (or sitting in chair)
Pointer Pose ( extend right arm forward, parallel to the floor and left leg off floor behind you) hold for 2-5 breaths, repeat with opposite limbs. Do 2 sets.
Calf stretch—one leg back with toes on floor, press heel back to stretch calf muscles. Hold for 5-12 breaths. Repeat other leg.
Child Pose
Puppy Pose or Downward Facing Dog Hold to capacity.
Kneeling Side bend with forearms on floor Hold each side for 5-12 breaths
Come to standing
Krishna Side Bend Pose (whichever leg crosses in front same arm goes up) 5-12 breaths each sid
Krishna Balance or another balance pose 5-12 breaths each side
Standing Head to Knee Pose (Parsvattonasa) or any Warrior Pose—5-12 breaths each side
Wide Leg Forward Bend with Yoga Mudra arms—release head and neck. 5-12 breaths each side
Hands and knees for hamstring stretch or chair version
Seated Twist—5-12 breaths each side
Fish Hold to capacity
Bridge on leg in air—5-12 breaths each side
Thread needle or pigeon pose—10 or more breaths each side
Reclined Twist—10 or more breaths each side
Savasana—for as long as you want!