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Moline Whitson, Director
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Week 2 Yoga & Qigong

Week 2—Be gentle with yourself!
4 or more settling breaths
Seated cat cow with arm movements x 9
Seated sliding twists x 9 each side
Backward shoulder rolls
Nervous System Dance
Sun Salutes x 6
On #5 in lunges: raise arm of rear leg and side bend opposite direction hold to comfort
On #6 hold Downward Dog and do embellishments if you like
Knocking on door of life (see page 2)
Triangle Pose (or Warrior 2)
Wide leg forward bends-release neck, hold for up to 13 breaths
Tree Pose hold for 5 breaths or more
Yoga Mudra Forward Bend
Bridge Pose
Thread the needle
Reclined Twist

Knocking on the door of Life
From 7 minutes of Magic by Lee Holden)

Brings circulation into lower back, kidneys and adrenal glands and energizes central nervous system
Stance: Shoulder width
Rotate torso left and right, allow your arms to knock across lower back and abdomen with soft fists
Allow movement to die down naturally.
Knock on kidney area with soft fists and then start slapping down outer hips and legs to outsides of feet, across tops of feet and up inner legs, up abdomen to chest and knock of sternum.
Slap down the inner left arm to palm and then up outside of arm around back of neck and onto chest to knock on sternum again. Repeat on right arm. End by knocking on sternum again. (Can be repeated 2 more times.)
Relax arms at sides and start to shake your wrists and arm. Allow the shaking to work up to elbows and shoulders. Begin to bounce lightly into your heels, shaking the entire body.
All knocking and slapping movements can be done once or in multiples of 3.
Slowly stop shaking. Then brush hands lightly from chest to belly 6 times. Rest in Mountain pose.