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Being Proactive in the time of Covid 19

Prepared by Dr. Maggie Bloom
This is a time of trying to best respond to the unknown but there are concrete steps you can take to support your immune system and emotional well-being during this unsettling time.

Foundational principles for building a stronger immune system coupled with the power of good nutritional choices is some of the best defenses we have. Consciously choosing to support optimal health physically, emotionally and spiritually can help your body to both resist illness and help to keep the effects of illness lessened should you become ill. Additionally, fear and anxiety can negatively impact your immune system, so it important to nourish that aspect, as well.

The following are recommendations to consider. It is important to be aware that some of these suggestions might interact with medications you might be taking and/or can impact medical conditions you might have. Please check with your health care provider before following the supplement suggestions.

1. Vitamin D3 2000 IU – once daily.
2. Vitamin C 500mg – once/daily ( I like Garden of Life Raw Vitamin C).
3. Allicin from pressed garlic (let it stand 10 minutes, etc., then you can eat it raw or cook with it) or Allicin capsules 200mg once or twice per week for prevention.
4. Mushroom Extract (I like Host Defense My community or Stamets 7), one capsule per day. Another way to use mushroom extract is with extract powder added to any kind of food or smoothie (I like Sacred 7 Mushroom extract powder).
5. Mycoshield (Host Defense) mushroom spray used as needed when feeling a sore throat or cold coming on.

Since the above suggestions are becoming very popular right now, many stores and online stores are backordered. There are also some suppliers that use Amazon to sell their products or are just online that are asking unbelievably high prices for these products. You might do well to check with local stores and see when they expect a shipment in.

A healthy diet is important to maintain now. Although most of us are following the stay at home order, it is tempting to stray on our food choices. I suggest that you go easy on the junk food or nutrient-less foods (a little here and there is fine, of course). Remember, you can’t fool your body. There are so many kinds of diets that people are choosing to follow, so I am not going to go through all of them and comment. I will however mention that following the Mediterranean Diet is an excellent way to strengthen your body’s system as are vegetarian diets (including lacto-ovo) and vegan with good plant based protein choices.

Move your body. Walking (keeping your 6’ distance), cycling outside or on a stationary bike, home yoga, weights, crunches, etc. all help to maintain body strength and a strong immune system.

Stay hydrated.
For anxiety or just for overall calm and wellness, try this breath exercise. It is really quite amazing. Here is a link of Dr. Andrew Weil illustrating how to do this breath work. It is called the 4-7-8 Breath Exercise. I do it at least twice/day, and usually about four times per day.

Another resource for calming your nervous system is the IAMYoga Nidra App Please read getting started with the Yoga Nidra App section when you go to this site.

There are many other versions of Yoga Nidra you can explore on the web.

And finally, mental exercise is also helpful for peace of mind, calm and immune boosting. Word games, reading, journaling, etc. are awesome ways to achieve this.

Stay calm, stay positive, and please do what you can to flatten the curve. It truly can make the difference in how long this situation continues. We all have the power to make a positive impact on this community and this country’s immune system.

Peace and Namaste.
Dr. Maggie Bloom, Ph.D., CNC, M.Sc., BCIM