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Moline Whitson, Director
2108 NE 41st Ave
Portland, OR 97212


Guided Meditation with Liv

20-minute guided meditation. Tuesdays 7:40-8:00am By donation, see info below.
We meet virtually so you can listen in from anywhere. We will establish the fundamentals of a meditation practice, working on building our awareness of the breath and the felt experience of the body using various practices, themes, and mediums (vipassana, zen, sound, body scans, loving-kindness, poetry, koans, etc.). The aim of the class is to practice recognizing when we are in the not-now of our thoughts and to gently, repeatedly return to the ever-present support of the now—so that we can live life a bit easier and more freely!

No registration required, but if you’d like to get the weekly reminder emails and any updates or you have any issues with Zoom, please contact Liv Lopes: (805) 748-3213.

Donations can be made to:
Venmo @liv-lopes
Checks payable to Olivia Lopes (2354 NE 55TH Ave., Portland OR 97213)

Reusable Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 959 5892 5237
Passcode: 474137