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Moline Whitson, Director
2108 NE 41st Ave
Portland, OR 97212


Gentle Yoga

Ideal for anyone wanting to ease into yoga and those who may have physical limitations due to age, back or joint problems, or are recovering from injury or illness. Easier stretches and muscle toning combined with deep relaxation poses (restorative) to get you back in shape safely.

Level 1

For students with little or no yoga experience and for continuing students who wish to refine their understanding of the basics. This class teaches basic hatha yoga postures from various tradtions. Develops strength, flexibility, balance and an understanding of healthy body alignment and movement.

Level 1-2

For beginners and continuing students. Same focus as Level 1 with more challenging poses and sequences.

Level 2

For students with prior yoga experience, a faster paced class that includes a broader range of poses in more challenging sequences and longer holds. Introduces inversions and backbends.


Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® This is a self-help method for releasing deep tension held in the muscles and tissue due to trauma and and/or daily stress. Developed by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, this set of seven simple exercises were developed to elicit the human organism’s natural ability for recovering from trauma and preventing the build up of stress—the tremor mechanism. Anyone can learn TRE®, the exercises are simple and can be modified to suit all fitness levels and body types. In 3 classes students will learn the TRE® protocol and how to regulate their experiences with the tremor reflex for optimal benefits. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pen, journal and water bottle. Class size is limited, so register early. Class not appropriate for pregnant women. For further info on TRE® go to

*Private sessions available.

To register or schedule a private session contact Moline Whitson at or 503-335-8851

Vets Yoga

Free class to Veterans and their families. This is a gentle approach to yoga using props for support and offering options for making the poses more or less challenging as needed. Focus on breathing, relaxation and postural alignment for stress relief… as well as stretching and strengthening of muscles.

Live Cello Music and Restorative Yoga

Treat Yourself… or Treat a Friend Check the Special Events Box for our next offering. This class will be a nurturing blend of easy stretches for the first 1/2 hour followed by several restorative yoga postures that result in a deep state of physical, mental and emotional calm. Restorative yoga poses are held for extended time, supported by props such as bolsters and blankets, and take advantage of the body’s innate ability to release deeply held stress and tension. The Restorative Yoga postures will be accompanied by live cello music played by John Hubbard. Moline Whitson will be leading the yoga.

Please pre-register:
(503) 335-8851 (no texts)    e-mail:

Yoga Shake

Meets the third Thursday of the month 6:30-7:30PM (excluding August). This class will combine yoga poses and TRE®. We’ll practice classic yoga poses for the first 20 minutes, move into Ex. 7 of TRE® to initiate the therapeutic tremors, have up to 15 minutes of shake time, and 10 minutes of savasana or integration then a brief time for reflecting on the experience. Pre-requisite: 3 part TRE® class or private sessions. Classes will be posted in the Special Events Box on our front page. No class in August.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
The 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class is an evidence-based intervention for a broad range of chronic disorders and problems. MBSR as developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is offered through Mind Body Mindfulness. Through understanding and investigating the triggers which cause stress, and which can diminish physical and emotional health, you will gain effective tools for dealing with the challenges life brings.
This course will teach you to identify stress triggers, understand and experience how these affect your mind and body, and develop mindfulness practices to bring about the change to lead you to more ease and balance as you learn to manage stress and life in a new way. That said, MBSR it isn’t a magic wand to instantly remove the stress from your life or bring everything back into balance overnight.

Contact Nancy Boros for more information:
503-890-8965     email:


Class meets for 8 Saturdays 2-4pm

For more information
To register: 503-380-5814 or 206-817-4117

Group Shake

This is for anyone who has learned TRE® through a class, individual sessions or some other method. Hosted by Certified TRE® Providers on a rotating basis. $15 cash or check made out to the teacher. This is a good opportunity to revisit the tremor mechanism, get assistance from the teacher and/or just enjoy shaking in a group. Registration not required. Questions can be directed to or 503.335-8851 (no texts). Group shakes will be held the first Sunday of the month 10:30-11:30am. No class in August.